One-Night Trekking Mount Rinjani: Senaru Village to Senaru Crater Rim and Back

If you’re looking for a quick yet unforgettable encounter with the majestic Mount Rinjani, our one-night trekking adventure from Senaru Village to the Senaru Crater Rim is the perfect choice. This compact journey is designed for travelers who have limited time, those seeking a taste of Rinjani’s beauty, or anyone who wishes to experience the magic of the volcano without camping overnight.


Who Is This Trek Suitable For?

  • Time-Conscious Travelers: For those with packed itineraries, this one-night trek provides an immersive Rinjani experience in just 24 hours.
  • First-Time Trekkers: If you’re new to trekking or want to get a glimpse of Rinjani without committing to a longer expedition, this tour offers an exciting introduction.
  • Sunrise Enthusiasts: If you’re captivated by the beauty of a mountain sunrise, this trek allows you to witness the stunning dawn from the Senaru Crater Rim.
  • Nature Lovers: If you appreciate the great outdoors and breathtaking landscapes, you’ll find plenty to marvel at during this trek.


Key Highlights:

  • Ascend to the Senaru Crater Rim under the moonlit sky, adding an element of adventure to your journey.
  • Witness a mesmerizing sunrise over Mount Rinjani, creating unforgettable moments and photo opportunities.
  • Enjoy a hearty breakfast on the rim while soaking in the panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.
  • Descend back to Senaru Village, experiencing different perspectives of the terrain along the way.
  • Return to Senaru Village within 24 hours, making it ideal for travelers with tight schedules.

This one-night trek offers a perfect blend of adventure, natural beauty, and a glimpse into the grandeur of Mount Rinjani. When you choose Star Rinjani as your trekking partner, you embark on a journey that combines convenience, stunning vistas, and lasting memories.

Tour Duration: Approximately 24 hours


12:00 AM – Start of Trek:

  • 12:00 AM: The trek commences from Senaru Village, known as the “gateway to Mount Rinjani.” Trekking under the moonlit sky adds an element of adventure to your journey.
  • Trail Introduction: Your experienced guide will provide an introduction to the trek, safety precautions, and what to expect during the journey.

2:00 AM – Rest Stop:

  • 2:00 AM: Take a break at Pos 2, where you can rest, have a snack, and hydrate.


5:00 AM – Sunrise on the Rim:

  • 5:00 AM: Arrive at the Senaru Crater Rim just in time to witness the awe-inspiring sunrise. The view from the rim at dawn is truly enchanting, with the first light illuminating the surroundings.
  • Breakfast: Enjoy a hearty breakfast while savoring the sunrise views.


7:00 AM – Descent to Senaru Village:

  • 7:00 AM: Begin your descent back to Senaru Village. The descending trek offers different perspectives of the landscape.

10:30 AM – Return to Senaru Village:

  • 10:30 AM: Arrive back in Senaru Village, where your one-night Rinjani adventure concludes. Bid farewell to your guide and fellow trekkers.
  • Return to Accommodation: If you were picked up from your accommodation, you’ll be dropped off back at your lodging. Otherwise, you can make your onward arrangements.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Professional and experienced trekking guide.
  • Pickup and drop-off from your accommodation in Senaru Village or a designated meeting point.
  • Breakfast and snacks.
  • Refreshments and snacks during the trek.
  • Entrance fees to the trekking area.
  • Safety and first-aid equipment.
  • Memorable experiences and stunning sunrise views.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable trekking attire suitable for the mountain climate.
  • Sturdy hiking boots with good traction.
  • Warm clothing for the cooler nights at higher elevations.
  • Headlamp or flashlight for the midnight ascent.
  • Rain jacket or poncho (just in case of rain).
  • Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Personal items (camera, binoculars, etc.).
  • A sense of adventure and an appreciation for nature’s beauty.

This one-night adventure from Senaru Village to the Senaru Crater Rim offers an exciting taste of Rinjani’s beauty without the need for camping. When you choose Star Rinjani as your trekking partner, you embark on a journey that combines adventure, natural beauty, and lasting memories.


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