Mount Rinjani Trekking Tips and Preparations

Mount Rinjani is one of the most famous hiking trails. For those of you who like to climb mountains, of course you are familiar with this one mountain.

Before starting the climb, of course, requires careful preparation both in terms of facilities and health and other things so that you can trekking safely.

So below, we will share tips for safe trekking on the Mount Rinjani hiking trail.

  • Thorough Preparation

Before starting the climb, make sure you prepare carefully both equipment and supplies to health. Also make sure you have enough equipment for the duration of the climb.

  • Download the e-Rinjani App

For online reservations, you can do it through the e-Rinjani application which can be downloaded on the Playstore. You can also double-check your equipment and supplies from the list on e-Rinjani

  • Use Professional Tour Services

In addition to climbing yourself, you can use the services of a professional trekking tour. Each field of mountain climbing routes is different. Professional tour services, of course, understand the climbing route on Mount Rinjani very well. In addition to using tour services, you can do trekking together with the community instead of trekking alone.

  • Check Weather Prediction

Checking the weather forecast before climbing is mandatory so that you will be trekking when the weather is good and to avoid things that are not desirable.

  • Stop Climbing If There is Heavy Fog

We recommend stopping the hike if you see heavy fog or extreme weather. You can stop and make camp for a short rest until the weather returns to normal. Don’t force the situation and always put the safety of the soul first.

So, those are some climbing tips that might be used as a reference for those of you who want to do trekking, so you can get to the top safely.

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