Panorama Walking Senaru Village

Explore the enchanting beauty of the Rinjani foothills and immerse yourself in the culture and nature of Senaru Village with our “Panorama Walking Senaru Village” tour. This full-day excursion offers a well-rounded experience that goes beyond trekking, allowing you to discover the soul of Senaru Village and the captivating allure of Rinjani’s surroundings.

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Tour Duration: Approximately 6-7 hours


  1. Pickup from Your Accommodation:

Our friendly guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Senaru or a designated meeting point in the village. Please ensure you are ready for pickup at the specified time.

  1. Welcome and Briefing:

Upon arrival in Senaru Village, you’ll receive a warm welcome from our team at Star Rinjani. Your guide will provide a detailed briefing about the day’s itinerary, safety precautions, and what to expect during the tour.

  1. Explore Senaru Village:

Begin your adventure by exploring the picturesque Senaru Village, often referred to as the “gateway to Mount Rinjani.” During this part of the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with Locals: Engage with the welcoming Sasak community to learn about their culture, traditions, and way of life.
  • Traditional Sasak Houses: Visit traditional Sasak houses with unique architectural features, made from natural materials like bamboo and thatch.
  • Local Cuisine: Savor the flavors of local cuisine with a delicious meal prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.



  1. Senaru Panorama Walk:

The heart of the tour begins as you embark on a guided trek through the lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery surrounding Senaru Village:

  • Lush Rainforests: Traverse through pristine rainforests that are part of the Mount Rinjani National Park. Experience the rich biodiversity and listen to the melodious calls of tropical birds.
  • Waterfalls: Discover the awe-inspiring Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile waterfalls, hidden gems within the forest. Take a refreshing dip in the clear, cool waters of these cascading falls.
  • Scenic Vistas: Reach panoramic viewpoints that offer stunning vistas of the rolling hills, verdant valleys, and, on clear days, glimpses of the majestic Mount Rinjani itself.
  1. 5. Learn About Local Flora and Fauna:

Throughout the trek, your knowledgeable guide will provide insights into the unique flora and fauna of the region. Keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of wildlife and discover the diverse plant life.


  1. Picnic Lunch:

Take a break to enjoy a picnic lunch amid the natural beauty of Senaru’s surroundings. Savor the flavors of local cuisine while relishing the tranquility of the rainforest.


  1. Cultural Immersion:

The afternoon offers opportunities for cultural immersion:

  • Traditional Weaving: Witness the intricate art of Sasak weaving as skilled artisans create beautiful textiles using traditional techniques.
  • Local Traditions: Gain insights into local customs, rituals, and ceremonies that are an integral part of Sasak culture.
  1. Photography and Scenic Stops:

Don’t forget your camera! The tour includes several scenic stops where you can capture the natural beauty, waterfalls, and local life.

  1. Return to Senaru Village:

As the afternoon draws to a close, you’ll return to Senaru Village, completing your “Panorama Walking Senaru Village” tour.

  1. Drop-off at Your Accommodation:

Our team will ensure a safe and comfortable drop-off at your accommodation in Senaru or a designated location in the village.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Professional and knowledgeable guide.
  • Pickup and drop-off at your accommodation in Senaru or a designated meeting point.
  • Meals and refreshments (including a picnic lunch).
  • Entrance fees to waterfalls and attractions.
  • Cultural experiences and interactions.
  • Bottled water and snacks during the trek.
  • A memorable experience exploring Senaru Village and its surroundings.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable trekking attire and sturdy footwear.
  • Swimwear (if you plan to swim at the waterfalls).
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Camera and binoculars for wildlife and scenic photography.
  • A sense of adventure and an open heart to embrace the culture and beauty of Senaru Village.

Note: This itinerary is subject to change based on weather conditions and other factors to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Experience the magic of Senaru Village and its breathtaking surroundings with our “Panorama Walking Senaru Village” tour. Book your adventure with Star Rinjani and embark on a journey that combines culture, nature, and unforgettable moments.


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